Heat Players and Serenity Home Healthcare Staff Join to Help Those in Need

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With the addition of NBA All-stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh, the 2010 Miami Heat team is receiving the most exposure they’ve ever seen as an organization.

The impact that the Heat have had on the economy and fans was to be expected, but the unforeseen impact that they have had on the community is tremendous. The Heat currently have more community relations programs than ever before.

The Heat, like other NBA teams are involved in the community by participating in many service projects through collaborative partnerships with Miami-Dade public Schools, Serenity Home Health Care, Levy Restaurants, and American Airlines.

Much like the Heat have received enormous exposure this season, they have recognized the need for students to receive extra exposure to academics, particularly in math and reading.

The addition of such moguls in the sports industry has helped blossom the Heat into a premier philanthropy team.

The Heat are embracing the importance of providing students with after school programs in south Florida. The Heat partner with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the Group corporate partners, to facilitate HEAT Academy at two local inner city schools, Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary and Little River Elementary. The Heat academy works as an after school outlet for students to study math and read in a safe environment.

Along with this after school program, the Heat partner with Heat Family Outreach Charitable Fund to give away $10,000 in scholarships to high school seniors every year.

The Heat are not only reaching the community through schools. The Heat have developed the Re-HEAT program to distribute leftover food from all Heat home games to homeless shelters in the South Florida area.

Amongst these shelters is the Camillus House Soup Kitchen which is the largest kitchen in Miami.

The Heat also held its first ever Heat Beach clean-up in an effort to beautify the community. This event served as a feature event for the Miami HEAT during NBA Green Week which took place early April this year.

A source close to the Heat organization says, “These players feel a need to give back.”

Vincent Carmona, CEO and founder of Serenity Home Healthcare says ,”We have been working in partnership with the Miami heat for 3 seasons now, and we have never seen the response in the community that we have seen this year. People everywhere are dying to get a glimpse of these guys, they’re like rock stars when we do events.”

Carmona, who has been involved in the community for several years, was pleased when asked what programs are being implemented this year. “The largest program we’ve come up with is the Re-Heat drive.”

Serenity and the team held a special re-heat event the Monday before thanksgiving to pass out meals to the homeless in Overtown.

You don’t usually associate NBA players with a willingness to give back, but Carmona says all of the players, including the superstars were out there giving back and shaking hands with those who probably will never be fortunate enough to attend a Heat game in person.

By: Robert Brown

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