Mission, Vision, Values

Vision for the Future of our Company

Serenity Home Health Care is becoming the leading, most readily recognized home health care provider in South Florida.  It is our commitment to provide the utmost in quality patient care.  Our customers, employees, and our varied stakeholders have confidence in us that we do our activities “right.”  We treat everyone we contact – our employees, customers, and others the way we would personally wish to be treated, always with dignity and respect. Our work place culture must be personally rewarding and one that attracts and retains the best people in our industry. We provide employees with training and development that leads to personal and professional growth opportunities. Simply stated, we are THE COMPANY that people want to work for.

Core Values for our Employees

  • We recognized that our employees are the most important assets of the company.
  • We treat all employees with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • We provide a place of work that is recognized as superior and desirable.
  • We proactively seek to understand each employee’s needs and satisfaction with us.
  • We provide honest, accurate, clear communications throughout all levels of the organization.
  • At all levels employees have confidence in the leadership of the organization.
  • We have unwavering corporate integrity and ethics in all we do.

Core Values for our Patients & Customers

  • We provide superior levels of care and supporting services.
  • We demonstrate dignity and respect, and are sensitive to their needs.
  • We proactively seek to understand each patient’s needs and satisfaction with us.
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