Paying for Home Health Care

Who Pays for Home Health Care?

If you are Medicare eligible and qualified for care, there is no out of pocket cost to you. Home Care can also be paid for by the individual or family, private insurance, or a variety of public programs.

To qualify for Medicare home health services there are five basic requirements:

  • Your physician must determine that you need home health care services.
  • Your own physician must write the orders for home health care services and oversee your care.
  • You must need skilled services that are provided by a nurse or therapist.
  • The services you need are only required on a part-time, or intermittent basis.
  • Your physician must determine that you are homebound: requiring considerable effort and help to leave home.

Because benefits and requirements can vary, we can help you check with payers about your specific benefits, even before beginning services, so you can have this information at the start of care.

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